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Pricing is negotiated for each project desired. We are competitive.

There are two general divisions of composites manufacturing processes: open molding (sometimes called contact molding) and closed molding. With open molding, the gel coat and laminate are exposed to the atmosphere during the fabrication process. In closed molding, the composite is processed in a two-sided mold set, or within a vacuum bag. There are a variety of processing methods within the open and closed molding categories.

More Than Just Boats

SkycellAt Porta Fiberglass, Inc. we are fiberglass manufacturers. Most folks think of boats when they hear fiberglass. But, fiberglass is a material suited for many products requiring strength, durability, and resilience in a variety of weather situations.

Porta Fiberglass manufactured this impressive structure: a Tower Pod fiberglass room, which sits atop a signal transmission/relay tower and offers room for sensitive electronic equipment in the communications industry.

If you have a need for major fiberglass structures, give Porta Fiberglass a call.

See our latest special project, the Trump Tower Spire.

An Attention to Detail

About Us

At Porta Fiberglass Inc., we specialize in hand lamination, and hand rolling, with great attention to detail. For large flat surfaces that are best for vacuum bagging, we will use that process - then go over the surface to be sure of even and airproof bonding.

Whatever your fiberglass project - a fiberglass boat, a fiberglass toll booth, a fiberglass spire, a steeple, an equipment room for a communications tower, or more, we provide

In open molding hand lay-up applications we are expert at correct placement of reinforcement members, use of proper wet out tools, using the right ratio of resin to fiber, and mixing all materials properly to assure uniform quality, strength, and appearance.

No part of the process is too minor to receive detailed attention. Lamination trimming and finishing, for instance is critical to the completion of a high quality product.

Porta Fiberglass specializes in medium sized manufacturing runs, so you don't have to commit to hundreds or thousands of units in one order.

Our small to medium run fiberglass manufacturing system is a good approach for specialized fiberglass items that ultimately will require several hundred pieces, but only require a small number to be delivered every so often. An example of this is a suppressor cover used with communication towers. The customer needed hundreds over the course of a year, but ordered only in batches needed for replacement purposes.

Fiberglass is non-conductive and RF transparent, perfectly suited in place of metal housing when electronic performance of the product is essential.

Fiberglass, by not reacting chemically with other contact materials, prevents hazardous and explosive outcomes which can happen with metallic or petroleum based materials.

Fiberglass vibrates less and is quieter than sheet metals. Additional sound deadening is provided when fiberglass is layered with matte material.

Fiberglass and composites exhibit the least amount of expansion and contraction with heat and stress compared to plastic, metal, or wood.

Specialty Boat for the XXX Movie
Barely visible under the rocket, the special boat was built by Porta Fiberglass for a major motion picture and then edited out to leave the rocket flying free and low over the river.

Porta Fiberglass, Inc. applications include:

Whatever your fiberglass fabrication needs are, contact us and we will work together to achieve your desired objectives.

For photos of fiberglass fabrication, visit our Boat Building and Specialty Products Photo Galleries.

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